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Liza Chrust Friedman

As a member of the Saakh team, I guess it is my turn to introduce myself.  My name is Liza Chrust Friedman and I am a photographer and graphic designer.  When Ipshita and I met a year ago, my husband and I were looking at Hanover, NH for business school.  We had dinner together and we instantly hit it off.  With our passion for design and artistic eye, we talked about design, art, and fashion and how they affect our world today.   Prior to officially joining Saakh, Ipshita and I would discuss the company and all the great ideas she had to create an amazing website that could serve indie designers and artisans around the world.  I always looked forward to our conversations over coffee and was delighted when she asked me if I wanted to join the team.  As Design Head, US, I look forward to implementing all that I have learned in my career and making Saakh an incredible company.  

My background consists of a BFA in photography from Parsons the New School for Design where I met extremely talented artists and had the opportunity to explore all  my creative outlets.  After college I started freelancing for different photographers and publications, some of which include Men’s Health,, In Style, and  Being in Manhattan for the past 10 years has given me great opportunities in the art world to meet some amazing people.  When I was working at the .com companies, I learned how to produce  successful websites and what consumers are looking for in the online world.  While at I was able to photograph over 25 celebrities, some of which include Nick Jonas, Ke$ha, Taboo, etc. 

Since moving up to New Hampshire, I am excited to take the next step forward in my career and work towards building the great company that I truly believe in.

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Launching Soon -

What does SAAKH plan to do?

SAAKH would be a curated online marketplace that plans to crowdsource unique, well-designed products from indie designers, small producers and artisans. We invite you to join us to discover, share and purchase unique designs.

What is crowdsourcing?

There are a number of ways experts have described ‘crowdsourcing’. One explanation can be found at Wikipedia. Here is a video that explains the phenomenon in a very simple  manner -

Why crowdsource?

There are thousands of independent designers around the world who produce some of the finest designs and products we can imagine. However, it is impossible for these small-scale producers/designers to invest in the infrastructure required to compete with big brands out there. SAAKH aspires to provide a marketplace for awesome products made by such talented emerging designers. As you can imagine, to find each of these wonderful products and designers is a mammoth undertaking, but we believe that with the help of a community that is passionate about well-designed products and loves supporting local producers, indie designers and artisans, we can reach out to thousands of such designers and producers around the world and help them in building sustainable businesses.

So how do I contribute in crowdsourcing?

Do you know a designer who makes most amazing products? Or did you just come across a product while walking down the street or browsing the web that you think is unique and cool? Or do you want to support a local boutique or artisan? Just tell us about that and we would do the rest. Soon, we plan to launch apps and widgets that would make it easier for you to share your findings with us with just one click. Thus, watch this space closely! and for the time being, write to us at or post your finding on our Facebook page. Oh, and did we mention that if the product suggested by you is picked by SAKKH, you would be incentivized for your effort!

What products will be sold at

We believe great designs come in all shapes and sizes. Hence we do not plan to restrict a product by following a strict category. However, at this point of time we do not plan to sell clothes and shoes, but feel free to post your findings in these categories if you wish to. Just to give you a broad idea of our product categories, here are listed some - home, kitchen essentials, decorative products, technology, work, travel, non-perishable food and spices, gifts, bags, jewelry, bath and body and the list can go on….

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